Tango Rioplatense latiendo a compás flamenco


The Milonga Flamenca was born from the hand of a quartet of musicians from different musical and geographical backgrounds, who coincided in the Mediterranean city of Almeria (Andalusia, Spain) in the spring of 2013. In those early rehearsals, Antonio “El Wity, (flamenco guitar) Mauro Rosso (tango singer) Jesús de la Guajira (percussionist) and Bori Albero, (double bass) in a natural way, almost like a game, were discovering harmoniously a new direction from which to express the music that each felt and decided to embark on a singular bet; that of uniting the two shores of the Atlantic,.

Since the release of its first album in early 2014, the project has not stopped growing to become a show company with more than ten artists on stage, among which the presence of flamenco dance and tango dancing, respectively, should be highlighted.

His live show combines all the passion and strength of flamenco music and dance with the elegance of some of the most beautiful tangos from Rio de la Plata, danced to the purest style from there and arranged exquisitely by high level musicians.

Currently the company presents “El Tango por Alegrías”, a duel between both ways of understanding music and dance that irremediably ends in idyll, joining the two shores in a single and hypnotic wave.

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“Power, elegance, passion, strength, seduction … Flamenco and Tango share much more than the Atlantic Ocean that unites them. With a scenery inspired by the cabarets and tablaos in the first quarter of the twentieth century, the mission of La Milonga Flamenca is to get closer the relationship between these two musics.”




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