La Milonga Flamenca was born by a quartet of musicians who came from diverse musical and geographical backgrounds. Fate made them join in the Mediterranean city of Almeria (Andalusia – Spain) in the spring of 2013. In those first rehearsals Antonio “ El Wity ” (flamenco guitar), Mauro Rosso (tango singer), Jesús de la Guajira (percussionist) and Bori Albero (double bass) were harmoniously discovering a new style from which to express the music that each one felt and they decided to embark on a singular bet: joining the two shores of the Atlantic through the approach of Tango Rioplatense and Flamenco.

As of the release of their first album at the beginning of 2014, the project has not stopped growing until it became a multidisciplinary company with more than ten artists on stage, among which the presence of flamenco dance and tango dance respectively.


To date, in addition to the artists that currently make up the company, we have had the immense privilege of working with artists of extraordinary talent such as:

Marta Fernández, Borja Sáez, José Vélez (violinists)
Bori Albero, Fafi Molina, Joan Masana, (Double Basses)
Tupac & Belén, Débora & Carlos (Tango dance)
Inka Díaz, Leticia Valle (Flamenco dance)
Miguel Fernández (accordion)
Antonio Ximenez (trumpet)
Gabriel Pérez (flamenco guitar)
Jose Luis Jaén (singer)

We thank all of them for their art and contribution to this beautiful project, with which we continue to make our way to a common destiny: emotion without borders.