Active happiness in the elderly


In recent years, there has been a remarkable growth in life expectancy which has led to the elderly being the most predominant age group in the Spanish population. This has contributed to the creation of a “new” old age model: Active Aging, completely removed from the traditional stereotype of disease, deterioration and social burden, and much closer to more positive visions on aging; process of change and continuity, cultural and historical product, opportunity, productive time, emancipation, etc …

La Milonga Flamenca is excited to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our elders, to provide them with joyful time, smiles and connect them with their youthful times. For this, the project ACTIVE HAPPINESS IN THE ELDERLY offers a series of activities related to culture, in collaboration with the ASC La Guajira and with the support of the La Caixa Social Work.



he proposal brings live music to Residences and Day Centers (DC) in different municipalities of the province of Almería, during the months of December and January.

It consists of a series of periodic concerts given by two musicians (1 guitarist and 1 singer) of La Milonga Flamenca to perform in the different residences or DC selected for the program.

In total there will be 16 selected residences that will enjoy the project, which will be free for both the centers where it is taught, and for the users.

The concerts will be held (prior confirmation with the head of the center) from Monday to Thursday in the morning or afternoon at the residence itself (times to be determined). The duration of each concert will be 1.15 hours approx.

The repertoire attends to the sensitivity of our elders; with songs that evoke past times. In styles such as tango, bolero, flamenco…