Contributing Artists

To date, in addition to the artists that currently make up the company, we have had the immense privilege of working with artists of extraordinary talent such as:

Marta Fernández, Borja Sáez, José Vélez (violinists)
Bori Albero, Fafi Molina, Joan Masana, (Double Basses)
Tupac & Belén, Débora & Carlos (tango couples)
Inka Díaz, Leticia Valle (flamenco dance)
Miguel Fernández (accordion)
Antonio Ximénez (trumpet)
Gabriel Pérez (flamenco guitar)
Jose Luis Jaén (singer)

To all of them, we are always grateful for their art and contribution to this beautiful project back and forth, with which we continue to make progress towards a common destiny: Emotion without frontiers.